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  • Reliability

    Whether you sell ten tickets in a month or 5,000 tickets in three minutes, Mi-Tickets offers dependable service you can count on.

  • Embed Codes

    Spread your event across the Internet.  Making tickets available for purchase on 3rd party websites is easy to do using Mi-Tickets embed codes?

  • Harness Social Sharing

    Amplify awareness and ticket sales of your event through social media. Free event advertising is made easy by Mi-Tickets social sharing tools.

Our clients say !

Best thing that happened in the events industry

Flexible Ticketing for event owners

Sell event-based tickets, 'open' tickets, 'window' tickets, annual memberships, as well as ancillary products such as experience days, guide books or merchandise. Sell online, Mobile and track and redeem tickets through mobile technology.  Take advantage of the mobile boom by allowing customers to buy their from you via their mobile phones.

Or in person using the simple and user friendly Mi-Ticket interface.  Easily manage multiple channels with multiple users without worrying about over / under selling tickets.